This blog follows a trio of friends who are writing their first-ever novel. It's their journey of the writing process, and a glimpse into their lives as first-time authors. Along the way they hope to share not only about themselves, but introduce you to their characters, the themes that drive their story, and ultimately the Maker who created them all.

Meet the Authors

Totally Fiction is a collaboration of three real-life friends who are writing their first-ever novel. Meet the authors:

Honesty Stevens is married to Jon and together they have two lovely daughters, Serenity and Ariel. As a family, they reside in Chillicothe, Ohio. Honesty is a homeschooling mom who is currently pursuing a life-long passion to write a novel with her best friend.

Denise & Joshua Dilley have been married for nearly five years.  They have two crazy "kids," Brutus & Twix, both of whom they adore.  As a family, they live in Chillicothe, Ohio.  Denise & Joshua are both passionate about writing a novel with their best friend.


Marina Sofia said...

I love your names - Honesty, Serenity, Ariel (I always wanted to play Ariel in Shakespeare's Tempest), Brutus and Twix! It must be hard work writing a novel together, although I can see that it might be more fun than a solitary pursuit at times.
Lovely to discover you via Jeff Goins' writing challenge -sorry I didn't respond earlier to your lovely comment about finding my blog, but I hadn't quite figured out how to see the replies to my comments.

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