This blog follows a trio of friends who are writing their first-ever novel. It's their journey of the writing process, and a glimpse into their lives as first-time authors. Along the way they hope to share not only about themselves, but introduce you to their characters, the themes that drive their story, and ultimately the Maker who created them all.

Monday, June 11, 2012


As old as Earth itself, a host of fallen angels have sought to destroy humanity.  One fallen star's only task has been to eliminate the innocent one and gain knowledge from the Book of Prophecy.  Unable to complete the task, the beast sends a Legion determined to rid Earth of love.  But where love abides, the door remains open in one man's heart.  Will love overcome or will evil prevail?

For centuries, a fallen star worked alone trying to accomplish one task, but always failed.  Love was stronger, making all his attempts at destruction impossible.  His master eventually grew tired of his futile attempts and sends the fallen star a legion to finish the task.

Legion's one and only task is to find the Book of Prophecy and to destroy the innocent one.  He comes in many forms to those who are open.  Hatred, envy, lust... all these avenues open the door for Legion to take over the host.  For one man in particular, hatred rages in his heart giving way to Legion to take control.  Even with an open door, Legion continues to struggle to complete his task.  Hatred may have opened the door for Legion to take over, but love is a strong force within the host.

Mankind often struggles with hatred, envy, lust, addiction, etc.  All these things can be a doorway for evil to take over our lives.  But love beckons us. 

In our story, the host struggles most with hatred, especially due to past experiences.  But love beckons him just like it beckons you.  What do you think will allow love to overcome that which you stuggle with the most?


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