This blog follows a trio of friends who are writing their first-ever novel. It's their journey of the writing process, and a glimpse into their lives as first-time authors. Along the way they hope to share not only about themselves, but introduce you to their characters, the themes that drive their story, and ultimately the Maker who created them all.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meet Luke

A few days ago on our Facebook page, we introduced you to one of our main characters - Luke:

Luke is a lost soul trying to find peace in a world of chaos. He doesn't realize that he is a gateway for evil to enter into humanity. On the outside it looks like he's got it all together - perfect husband, perfect father. Will the demons from his past finally be able to overtake him and destroy that which may come?

For Luke, his endless search of peace stems from a traumatic past.  He may seem to be the perfect husband and father, but his own family was far from perfect.  His nightmarish upbringing combined with the tragic death of his parents left Luke with deep wounds too great to comprehend, resulting in periodic black outs and memory loss.  Now, long ago memories begin to surface and old demons once again torment Luke.  Luke's demons are many and threaten to overtake him and destroy the lives of those he loves most.  Yet much more is at stake - that which may come.  Will Luke find the peace that he so desperately searches for, or will the demons overtake him and destroy that which may come?

This character, in many ways, embodies the spirit of humanity.  We're all looking for something albeit peace, love, friendship, acceptance.  Whatever it is, we're trying to find it in a noisy, chaotic world.  Every day our attention is drawn to the latest toys & gadgets, social media, TV shows, advertisements, music, movies, sports.  The list is long and extensive.  Like Luke, in the midst of our search, we're trying to portray an image of having it all together. We tell the world via social media that we're on a date with "the best husband/wife ever" or that "my kids are just so darn cute," when really we wish things were different.  Often we try to hide from our reality, and even more so, our past.  We let people think we're okay when really we're struggling.  Like Luke, sometimes we block out the hurt and pain in order to portray an image of perfection.  Eventually, we will come face to face with our demons.  The question is, will we let our demons overtake and destroy us?  Or, will we face our demons head on and fight for our lives?  

Luke, well, you'll just have to wait and see what he chooses to do.  :)


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